We are cutting production costs by up to 30%. Our manufacturing solution allows solid-state batteries to become price competitive AND outperform the state of the art. 

Cell design

Cell design is the biggest lever when it comes to utilizing untapped performance potential. We are implementing a recyclable and fast-charging cell design for solid-state batteries.


We choose the best performing materials to produce our batteries. We are opening the door for giga-scale production for a wide range of solid electrolytes.

Guy Kawasaki

„Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.“

Battery technology is a notoriously hard field. The technology has progressed significantly over the past decades and current devices are still improving. But prototypes are just the beginning of many development cycles and often players disregard industrial production at relevant scale. We make sure that our technology is suitable for the giga-scale from the very beginning.

What makes solid state batteries so great?

A number of advantages make them the most promising canditate for the next generation lithium ion technology:





Faster Charging





Reaching economies of scale

Solid state batteries are missing a scalable manufacturing solution. We make sure that this aspect doesn’t get forgotten. In fact it is the most important ingredient for success. In order to become competitive in terms of cost, we are leaveraging economies of scale. Yield, quality and throughput determine our way of thinking.

Number of batteries a gigafactory produces in a year


Solid state batteries are a unique opportunity to establish a circular battery economy.

For the last decades the battery value chain has been a linear one. Let’s not make the same mistake again! Instead use our learnings to design and implement a battery that can be recycled better. Replacing the liquid electrolyte by a solid ion conductor opens up new cell design and production challenges. eightinks has a solution for these issues and has implemented the first sustainable solid state battery.

CO2 reduction potential of batteries

No emissions during operation and excellent well-to-wheel effieciencies make lithium ion batteries an ideal solution.

 eightinks is shaping new industry standards and processes for the next generation battery technology.

We envision a novel cell design that is recyclable at the largest possible scale and that is made from abundant resources. 

We accelerate the transition towards EVs by rethinking the manufacturing process of lithium ion batteries.

Unprecedented versatility for a wide range of applications

In many ways lithium ion batteries have already revolutionized our daily lives. This is -by a long shot- not the end of the story. Batteries are keeping our grids stable, store renewable energy and power many of our electronic devices. Right now, they are responsible for revolutionizing the transportation and mobility industry.

Our products are design for the best performance possible. Therefore, our cells are optimized to meet automotive demands. We can also address the needs from many customers from the mobility sector. Please reach out to us, if your product is missing the suitable energy storage solution.

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